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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Website Creation

Create a Website

Step 2: Learn How to Create a Website

Before creating a website, you should define type of site you want so it's easy for you to choose the right kind of web hosting. We recommend don't use free website. Because it has disadvantages such as limited web space, search engines always ignore them, your visitors may not truth, have banners ads on your pages, no guarantees, no branded email, unprofessional and hard to remember.

Plan to Create a Golden Website Web Planning

A website likes a library that full of information, that webmaster as the provider and visitors as the readers. So before you start thinking about building a website, you should think about information first, how big it is that you may need to provide to your visitors on your website. Especially you should think about domain name, web hosting and how to build traffic to your new website.

The reasons to build a website:

1. Promote or share your products, ideas, services, entertainment, art, culture or beliefs. 2. Advertise information and services for your company or product on the Internet. 3. Provide customer services and support. 4. Make extra money online with

Design a Fresh SEO Website

Web Design

Web Design is a skill that webmasters have to learn and think twice before start optimizing your website. Because only having a beautiful website is not enough if it doesn't have any traffic and search engines are only searching for the great content. So webmaster should think about SEO behind it. If webmasters not think about it before optimizing their websites, they will take a lot of time to correct and optimize it again in the future. Why not start from now!.

Web Hosting

How to Choose a Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible via the world.

Today there are many different types of web hosting companies available in the market. Choosing a web hosting provider depends on what type of website you want to have: hobby, blog, or e-commerce website. As a result, there are different flavors of hosting providers.

Some of the most common web hosting types are: shared, free, and dedicated hosting. Free web hosting services for example, place ads on the user's web pages and can be cumbersome and annoying for visitors. The other web hosting plans offer great support, options, and bandwidth but charge a monthly fee.

How to Choose a Domain Name

Domain NameBuying a domain name is easy, but choosing a good domain name is not easy. Please keep in mind that domain name is very important to help visitors find you on the web. Below are the tips for you to make a good decision before buying a domain name.

Choosing a Domain Name

Before buying a Domain name you should think about keyword. What specific keyword are you targeting for your website. The domain name is part of the SEO equation so its best to choose a domain name that is related to your website's contents. Don’t try and get it too fancy or broad. Just remember that your domain name should be a keyword. Having a keyword in your domain name and the contents of your website are critical. In this way, Google knows that your website is relevant to that particular niche.

Popular and Unpopular Keywords


Keywords are very important for your website to get free traffic from all search engines. So, in this part we will let you know which keywords are most popular or unpopular and which keywords you should use on all of your web pages.

If you choose keywords for your website without do any research, your efforts will be like shooting a gun into the dark place. There are two important points for doing your keyword research. The first is popularity and the second is competition.

Create Effective Mata Tags

Meta TagsSearch Engines can find every web page in your website by the keywords that you applied in the Meta Tags. Now Google not crawl and index your web page by only using keywords or meta tags. But it also uses your title's page as well. However many search engines generally use meta tags to find your each page. So the best way to do, we should apply both keywords in meta tag and title's page.

Number of Keywords Use In Meta Tags

Most of webmasters always lose their sleep because of wondering how many keywords they should use in the meta tags on a web page and they don't care about its density. They just put many many keywords as possible in a page. It's not only poor SEO friendly but also can get penalty from Google as well. So to avoid this problem, you should not use too many keywords (or keyphrases) on a page, it will reduce the keyword density for each of those keywords. Just only a few keywords, but build many backlinks to them. That's it!

Google Love Backlink and SiteMap

Free Templates

Backlink is a link in someone else's website or blog that links back to your website. When your website has many backlinks, Google and many search engines will love your website.

When someone leaves a link to your website mean that they are talking about your website. So your website must be a popular one to get them talk about. This tells Google that the website is stronge, popular and need to be ranked higher. If Google loves your website, then Google will rank it higher and higher. So your website will show up on the top of first page in the search results.

Create a Dynamic Website by Open Source - CMSOpen Source

On the Internet, there are tons of Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) available today. It's really hard for new webmaster to find what CMS is the best to use to build their dynamic website that full of dynamic contents. That's why, we try to collect the best of open source CMS as below to help you to find a CMS that’s right for you and easy for you to manage and control your data online. This list is not mean in particular order.

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