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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Build Web Traffic

Build Web Traffic

Step 3: Learn How to Build Traffic

However, no one can earn money on the internet without traffic.

In real estate there is a saying that property selling is all about location, location, location. In the world of internet marketing and ecommerce it's all about traffic, traffic, traffic. The more traffic you can get the more money you will be able to make. Building a huge free traffic to your website or blog is a technique that you have to study and do it one by one.

A website dies or lives by its traffic and an in-depth understanding of traffic generative techniques is vital to your success. In this part we provide many benefit quides how to get free traffic to your website or blog.

Offline Business Rely On Location, Online Business Rely On TRAFFIC

Online and Offline AdvertisingAdvertising

For now new webpublishers or bloggers always wish to have a good website or a nice view blog, but they forget to think about traffic. A website likes a body and traffic likes blood, so how can the body still alive without the blood. Website is the same, it can not stay longer without traffic. That's why traffic is very important for your website. "What is traffic? And how can I get it?"

Best Tricks to Get Free Traffic

Free Traffic

Get free traffic it means you can get visitors to visit your website freely. Right now on the web there are million tricks to get free traffic to your website.

But some ways may cause your website or blog has been banned or penalty by search engine. So how to get the right way to get free traffic to your website without getting any barns from search engine as Google, Yahoo, MSN or others?

Feed iconsRSS Feeds Traffic to Your Website

RSS Feed is a good way for websites large and small to distribute their content to visitors using browsers. Because some visitors are regularly interested in many websites that always change their contents on an unpredictable schedule such as community blog or news websites. Instead of this requirement, we still can use email newsletter. But unfortunately, your email can not verify or organized information from multiple websites to show you clearly updated information in your inbox. So RSS feed is a better way to be informed of new or updated content easily and clearly than your email does. By this way RSS feed offers a huge traffic back to web owners and you may also earn revenue from content you distribute in your feed with Google AdSense for feeds.


How to Increase SEO Ranking

What is SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technical of improving your pagerange in the search engine for a keyword. When a website has a high pagerange, it will be displayed in the top of search results list. Why we need a high pagerange? Ok, if you do a search on a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or MSN, have you ever click on the result that display in the next 3rd or 4th page? 90% is rarely. Typically, if a website can display in the top of search results list, it will have more chances to get clicks that is a huge traffic from the search engine for free.

Social Networking

Traffic from Social Networking

Social Networking is a kind of website or blog that have many people join together as the grouping of individuals into specific groups to generate free traffic to their website or blog. Most of these sites are free to join and web publishers can generate free traffic to their website or blog by promoting their service with people in community who join in the social networking sites.

Traffic from blogBuild a Blog to Get Backlinks

Traffic from blogs is a technical to get free backlinks to your website. We encourage you to build more blogs to post about your website content (keywords) to drive fresh backlinks (traffic) to your website.

A blog is a type of free website, usually maintained by an individual with regularly post of any contents. Blogs have become increasingly popular at the end of 2007, there are more than 112,000,000 blogs and many internet users now only search for blogs. Blog is a website content management system with additional functionality such as comments, trackbacks, social bookmarking and RSS. Blogs get spider faster than websites and all blogs are linked together in a group, so many people start setting up blogs related to their business to drive traffic to their website. They can use their blogs to write content, and answer quick questions to their potential customers.

Traffic from TwitterAuto Traffic from Twitter

Twitter is a free & fun social networking service for friends, family and co-workers communicate, send and read all messages from the following people in a list that we call "Tweet". Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters. In Twitter account has follower and following members, only followers can see your tweet. Users can send and receive tweets, SMS (Short Message Service) or external applications. By the way, Twitter is also a good way to generate free traffic to your website or blog easily up on the number of your followers. So if you don't have one, please hurry up to sign up now!

Traffic from YoutubeTraffic from Youtube

YouTube is a video sharing website that we can upload and share videos on the Internet. Right now, YouTube is owned by Google, so it's free and reliable to upload and share your video to the world. By the way, when your video gets more and more popular on YouTube, you will get more and more traffic to your website. Why? And How?

YouTube has mil­lion videos and most of them only get a few views. So when you have 300 peo­ple view your video, this will boost your videos rank­ing suf­fi­ciently enough that it get’s pushed to the top of the video charts in its category. When your video gets more thou­sand views, you will receive more popular and will caused other peo­ple in YouTube to start watch­ing it.

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